Book Trailer Thursday: I Will Send Rain

With a humbling look to the past, this Thursday’s featured trailer gives life to the subject of Rae Meadow’s newest book I Will Send Rain, (Holt). Through the fictitious, yet unnervingly human, story of the Bull family, this forthcoming historical novel explores the struggles that real families endured during one of America’s most desperate crises: the Dust Bowl. The book trailer preserves a sense of reverence as it illustrates the historical moment Meadows so poignantly depicts. Embracing hope in tragedy, Meadows creates a powerful narrative from a tragic disaster in what Booklist reviewer Jen Baker calls an “unforgettable symbol of American tenacity and hope” in her starred review.



About the Author:

Muriel currently serves as the Booklist intern for summer 2016. She is a student at the University of Chicago where she hopes to earn a degree in English Language and Literature.

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