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2016: Year of the Wolf?

Recently, our office has been abuzz with title trends—once you notice one, you just can’t stop. This week, we saw a heavy batch of titles with the world “wolf” in them land on our desks. After glancing through our records, however, I learned that roughly 20 to 30 wolf books are published every year; there were 22 in 2016, listed below.

The wolf, a timeless symbol, is certainly versatile: it can be the cuddly yet sly protagonist in a picture book, a mysterious presence in a fantasy, or a euphemism for a scoundrel in a steamy romance. Now that you’re a-were(wolf) of the prevalence of this trope, you may paws for thought the next time you spot one of these books.

Alpha Wolf Need Not ApplyWolf Hollow, by Terry Spear

Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, by Terry Spear

Escape from Wolfhaven Castle, by Kate Forsyth

From Woof to Wolf: The Story of Dogs, by Hudson Talbott

Hour of the Wolf, by Hakan Nesser

Rise of the Wolf, by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Simon Thorn and the Wolf’s Den, by Aimee Carter

Think Wolf, by Michael Gregorio

to love a wolfTo Love a Wolf, by Paige Tyler

Wally the Wolf, by Sylvanie Gangloff

A Well-Mannered Young Wolf, by Jean Leroy

The Wolf and His Shadow, by Thierry Robberecht

A Wolf at the Gate, by Mark Van Steenwyk

Wolf Camp, by Andrea Zuill

Wolf Hollow, by Lauren Wolk

The Wolf Keepers, by Elise Broach

Wolf Lake, by John Verdon

The Wolf Road, by Beth Lewis

The Wolf Who Wanted to Be a Superhero, by Orianne Lallemand

The Wolf’s Boy, by Susan Williams Beckhorn

Wolf’s Clothing, by E. J. Russell

Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator, by Claudia Christian and Morgan Grant Buchanan





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