This Week on Well Read TV: Neal Bascomb Talks about The Winter Fortress

This week on Well Read, best-selling author and journalist Neil Bascomb will speak with hosts Elisa Jaffe and Mary Anne Gwinn about The Winter Fortress, his latest work of narrative nonfiction, about the British-trained Norwegian commandos who sabotaged Nazi efforts to build an atomic bomb. Based on a trove of top secret documents and never-before-seen diaries and letters of the saboteurs, The Winter Fortress is an arresting chronicle of a brilliant scientist, a band of spies on skis, perilous survival in the wild, sacrifice for one’s country, Gestapo manhunts, soul-crushing setbacks, and a last-minute operation that would end any chance Hitler could obtain the atomic bomb—and alter the course of the war.

To watch his full conversation with Jaffe and Gwinn, check your public television affiliate’s schedule and World Channel beginning this Friday, August 5th.

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