BoJack’s Back! 20+ Books by TV Stars

bojack“BoJack Horseman”—everyone’s favorite cartoon about a wealthy, depressive horse—has returned to Netflix for a third season. As any fan will tell you, the show centers on the trials and tribulations of the erstwhile star of “Horsin’ Around,” a 90’s sitcom about a groovy single horse who adopts two adorable orphans. The show follows BoJack as he revives his career and learns important lessons: about life, about family, about himself. One of its major story arcs hinges on BoJack’s memoirs and his relationship with his ghost-writer, Diane. As evidenced by the following list, not every sitcom star has such trouble getting their words on paper. Here are more than 20 books from sitcom stars of the 80s and 90s, linked to their Booklist reviews whenever possible.


Tim AllenDon’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man by Tim Allen

“This is another differences-between-the-sexes-har-har book, and we can’t get enough of those, can we?” —Booklist



Roseanne BarrRoseannearchy by Roseanne Barr

“[Roseanne] has much wisdom to impart in her still raucous, laugh-out-loud, black-humored voice.” —Booklist

mayim bialikBeyond the Sling by Mayim Bialik

As soon as Blossom escaped from under that huge hat, she went and got a PhD and a became a proponent of attachment parenting. OK!




candace bergenA Fine Romance by Candace Bergen

“A disarming and refreshing read.” —Booklist


delta burkeDelta Style by Delta Burke

Of course. 






growing painsStill Growing by Kirk Cameron

How to Raise Kids that Don’t Hate You by Alan Thicke

The “Growing Pains” team—particularly Thicke—has been quite prolific in the realm of books. No blurred lines here: the Seaver pater has made a nice writing career for himself. As for Kirk, what can we say? 

gary colemanThe Gift of Life by Gary Coleman

Gift of yikes, amirite?




soleil moon fryeHappy Chaos by Soleil Moon Frye

Are all women who survived child stardom without becoming drug addicts obligated to write parenting books?


ted dansonOceana by Ted Danson

“Versatile television and film actor Danson grew up in Arizona, where he learned to treasure the beauty, spirit, and science of nature. But how did a child of the desert become a champion of the sea?” —Booklist

boss bossI’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had
by Tony Danza

Safe at Home by Alyssa Milano

“The Who’s the Boss? star, who had long dreamed of teaching English, suffered reality checks so brutal he regularly broke down in tears.” —Booklist

Also, Alyssa Milano wrote a book about baseball.


dustin diamondBehind the Bell by Dustin Diamond

No comment.






michael j. foxLucky Man by Michael J. Fox

“Fans are treated to Fox’s revelatory recollections about his life and career, including his well-publicized battles with alcoholism and Parkinson’s disease.” —Booklist


kelsey grammerSo Far by Kelsey Grammer

Memo to any book designers who may be reading this: Please bring this cover style back. Please. I will send you the colored pencils myself.



one dayHigh On Arrival by Mackenzie Phillips

Losing It by Valerie Bertinelli

While Mackenzie had but one tale to tell, Valerie wrote a sequel to her first memoir (called Finding It, duh) as well as a cookbook tie-in to her show on the Food Network.


jerry seinfeldSeinlanguage by Jerry Seinfeld

It’s a book, Jerry! A book!






full houseUnsweetined by Jodie Sweetin

Dirty Daddy by Bob Saget

How did one sitcom result in the best title on this list and the worst?


jerry stahlPermanent Midnight by Jerry Stahl

Although Jerry Stahl doesn’t technically belong on this list—he was a writer for ALF, not one of its stars—his memoir bears mentioning because it’s one of my favorites, not least because it confirmed my suspicion that whomever wrote ALF was on crack.






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