Reviews of the Week: Margaret Haddix Brown, Aaron Becker, and more!

Children of ExileChildren of Exile by Margaret Haddix Brown

Rosi, 12, has lived all her life in sheltered Fredtown, a community of adults who took in refugee children to raise them in a safe environment. Her adoptive parents have lovingly raised Rosi and her little brother, Bobo, but always made it clear that one day they—and all the children in Fredtown—would be returned to their real parents.




The ReturnReturn by Aaron Becker

It’s a tribute to Journey (2013) and Quest (2014), the first splendidly imaginative stories in this wordless trilogy, that the final entry disappoints by merely providing a solid retread of the resonant ideas and striking visuals of the first volumes.



The Kept WomanThe Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

After two exceptional stand-alones, Slaughter returns to her best-selling series featuring Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) agent Will Trent.







Pete Seeger, Storm King Volume 2Pete Seeger by Pete Seeger

This follow-up to Seeger’s The Storm King: Stories, Narratives, Poems (2013) follows the same format—a “spoken word and musical journey” narrated by the late musician and produced by percussionist Jeff Haynes, who introduces the audio.



bk starBobby Kennedy by Larry Tye

The trouble with calling someone iconic is that the truth is often obscured under layers of mythology. Nowhere, perhaps, is that more pertinent than in the legends surrounding Robert F. Kennedy. Those of a certain age remember him as a Don Quixote–like figure tilting at the windmills of poverty, racism, and a prolonged war in Vietnam.



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