Book Trailer Thursday: Sea Change

For this week’s BTT, we’re taking a look at Sea Change (TOON), a middle-grade novel written and illustrated by Frank Viva. Eliot resents his parents for sending him to Nova Scotia for summer break. Although he barely tolerates his uncle’s rural lifestyle, he enjoys hanging with the local kids—especially Mary Beth. The child narrator in the trailer reinforces the novel’s diary-like tone, and the string instrumentals transport us to a simple setting. Viva’s straightforward yet emotive graphics become whimsical in the video: A plane zooms across the page, a child’s arm sways like a paper doll’s, and disjointed letters hover like floating stars. In Sarah Hunter’s review (linked above), she deems the book “a gentle, contemplative story.”



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Biz Hyzy works as an editorial assistant for Booklist's Adult Books department, where she pilfers the most appealing ARCs before anyone else gets the chance. Besides reading, she enjoys swing dancing and ninja training (though, in her case, both include a lot of bumbling around).

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