Book Trailer Thursday: The Ecliptic

While not technically a mystery (sorry, Mystery Month!), Benjamin Wood’s latest novel, The Ecliptic (released May 3rd), does feature a “mysterious island.” And the trailer, complete with howling winds, churning waves, and more than a few shadowy figures, will no doubt leave you hankering for more.

Portmantle, a remote retreat somewhere off the Turkish coast, offers struggling artists—such as protagonist Elspeth Conroy (or “Knell”), a painter, and fellow refugees MacKinney the playwright, Quickman the novelist, and Pettifer the architect—a chance to “shed their worldly identities” and “work to recapture their muses,” writes Michele Leber in her starred Booklist review. But when 17-year-old Fullerton appears—with the “rapid footfalls of a fugitive”—Knell finds herself, and all of peaceful Portmantle, thoroughly jeopardized. Don’t miss his enigmatic, shall we say, arrival in the trailer above.



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