Art and Murder: Test Your Knowledge of Fine-Art Capers

Mystery writers are forever looking for ways to seduce high-minded readers into dipping their toes in the fetid waters of genre fiction. Nothing works as consistently to accomplish this goal as serving your murder and your mayhem with a side of fine art. Genre writers were luring the PBS crowd by burying clues in the works of Renaissance artists long before Dan Brown went looking for codes in Da Vinci’s Last Supper. It’s also good strategy to set your mystery in Italy, which remains a sure bet to draw the Under the Tuscan Sun groupies. But it isn’t just old masters who inspire new crimes, and it isn’t just Venice cozies and Roman or Tuscan procedurals that result when art and murder mix. From hard-boiled noir to intellectually pretentious children’s books, it’s hard to find a thriller these days without a painting somewhere in the background. Match all the plots, authors, and titles of the art mysteries listed below, and you could win a Tuscan vacation (if you can convince Frances Mayes to pay for it).



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After more than 30 years at Booklist, editor and publisher Bill Ott continues to edit the crime fiction section of the magazine and still delights in discovering new hard-boiled writers. Follow him on Twitter at @Booklist_Bill.

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    Would you please publish the list of all the titles?


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