Book Trailer Thursday: The Darkest Corners

Who is the Ohio River Monster, you ask? Tessa, the protagonist of Kara Thomas’s psychological thriller, The Darkest Corners (Delacorte), was convinced her eyewitness statement put the right man behind bars. But when an eerily similar murder occurs in Tessa’s rural hometown of Fayette, Pennsylvania, 10 years later, she starts to wonder if Wyatt Stokes, the man convicted of the decades-old murders—now on death row—really belongs there.

Random House ups the ante of the already gripping novel with an accompanying investigative mini-miniseries (each “episode” clocks in at between 41 and 54 seconds), The Hard Line on Crime. The episode above introduces one of the Ohio River Monster’s five victims, beauty queen Lori Cawley. As with the book itself, there are twists and turns aplenty—and the line between fiction and reality is made increasingly indecipherable. (So indecipherable, perhaps, that I found myself naively Googling “Real Ohio River Monster.” The results, I’m sorry to say, were mainly fish-related.)

Don’t miss the latest episode, released yesterday!



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