Mysteries on the Small Screen: Pushing Daisies

Title: Pushing Daisies

Starring: Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride, and Kristin Chenoweth

First aired: October 2007–June 2009 (ABC)

Where you can watch it: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play

The facts are these . . .

#mysterymonthThis short-lived but well-loved series stars Lee Pace as Ned, an adorable pie shop owner with the ability to resurrect the dead simply by touching them. However, if Ned touches the bodies a second time, they remain cadavers permanently, a supernatural law that becomes complicated when he revives his childhood crush, Chuck (Friel), whom he can never kiss or hold again—except through plastic wrap or beekeeper suits, naturally. Emerson (McBride), a sarcastic PI who secretly enjoys knitting, recruits Ned to awaken murder victims in the hopes of discovering who killed them. With the information they glean from their brief interviews with the corpses (which often includes visual gags, such as a pipe impaling a man’s head or woman melted against lighthouse glass), this band of misfits sets out to expose the murderer and to stop him/her from striking again.

Ned and Chuck

Ned and Chuck being adorable as usual.

This quirky series delivers delightfully macabre crimes every episode, a refreshing option compared to the thrillers that dominate prime time nowadays. With bright costumes, snappy dialogue, and bizarre plotlines, Pushing Daisies will make you laugh, but between the bake-offs and Olive’s (Chenoweth) Broadway solos, you unknowingly invest yourself in the characters’ dreams, fears, and futures. As sweet as apple pie but with the strangeness of cheddar crust, this show will charm your pants off or mend your heart when it needs warming.

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