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Book Trailer Thursday: Mr. Fahrenheit

Mr. Fahrenheit Pamphlet CoverLast week, New Leaf Literary & Media sent us some interesting items: iPhone-sized videos embedded in flyers promoting their authors’ latest releases. (Should we call these “book trailer pamphlets”? Definitely an interesting combination of old and new media.) All of them were for youth titles, which seems like a logical demographic targeting. One featured the Mr. Fahrenheit video above—recorded with my own iPhone—as well as options to learn about the main characters or to listen to an interview with the author, T. Michael Martin.

Mr. Fahrenheit PamphletThe video reveals the novel’s main conflict: Benji and his friends accidentally cause a UFO to crash, but they keep its existence—and their involvement in it—secret, a decision which could have disastrous consequences. An intriguing premise, definitely, but I still can’t get over the form this trailer came in. The back even includes a charger in case the battery runs out. (Ours did. These things have a short life span.) You can also see where they quoted Dan Kraus’ starred Booklist review, which you can read in its entirety here.

Mr. Fahrenheit Quotation

So what do you think of this new promotional tactic? Bizarre? Awesome? Impractical? Cool? Is this the future, where books and machines finally meet as one? Or is it a just a fad we’ll later deem throwaway technology? Let us know what you think!



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