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Mystery Month 2016: It’s to Die For

Mystery MonthUnless you’re serving consecutive life sentences for a crime you committed in frontier days, you’re probably aware that, each May, we at Booklist like to celebrate all things crime fiction with a hootenanny we call Mystery Month.

Mysteries to Die ForThe festivities won’t officially get underway until Monday, May 2, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t already afoot. Tomorrow, copies of the May 1 issue of Booklist, our Mystery Showcase, will be mailed to subscribers just as the digital edition goes online. And there’s still time to catch “Mysteries to Die For,” a webinar in which I’ll preview new and forthcoming crime fiction with representatives from Harlequin, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Severn House. Sign up and join us on Tuesday, April 26, at 1 p.m. Central—or just wait for us to email you a link to the archive and watch it in your own good time. Invitation to MurderWhile you’re at it, you may as well RSVP for “Invitation . . . to Murder,” our May 31 webinar, in which I’ll be checking out even more mysteries, this time from Bloomsbury, Felony & Mayhem, Le French Book, Seventh Street Books, and Soho. Register for both webinars here!

Booklist Mystery Showcase - May 1 2016The two webinars make nice bookends for a month of (literary) murder and (reading) mayhem. There’s so much filthy lucre here, in fact, that I have to resort to bullet points (ahem) to give you an idea of the riches that are yours for the taking. In Booklist‘s Mystery Showcase, in addition to 164 reviews of adult and youth mysteries in print and on audio, you’ll find the following articles, lists, and columns:

  • The Year’s Best Crime Novels
  • A Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to Postwar Noir
  • He Reads . . . She Reads: International Crime Fiction
  • At Leisure with Joyce Saricks: Suspenseful Thrillers and Thrilling Suspense
  • Diamond Butts In: Peter Lovesey and the Peter Diamond Series
  • The Back Page: Betraying Your Country
  • Top 10 Crime Fiction for Youth
  • Core Collection: Survivalist Thrillers beyond Hatchet
  • Talking with: Laura Marx Fitzgerald
  • Top 10 Crime Fiction Audiobooks
  • Crime Series Narrators

booklist-reader_logoAnd right here on The Booklist Reader, we’ll be frenetically publishing our usual assortment of special features, eclectic lists, author Q&As, and other great stuff throughout the month. To name a few highlights:

  • Our Publishing U series, offering advice for aspiring and first-time authors, will be taken over by mystery authors Catriona McPherson, Blue Balliett, and Rachel Howzell Hall
  • In “Shelf Evaluation,” Booklist Editor and Publisher Bill Ott will share a sneak peek at his personal shelves
  • YA author Carrie Mesrobian will contibute an essay about how reading Donna Leon inspired her to visit Venice in person
  • Rebecca Vnuk, Booklist’s Editor for Collection Management and Library Outreach, will offer a Booklist Reader Guide to Ruth Rendell, and will also interview thriller author Brian Freeman
  • Grade-school librarian Gundry Rowe will share her techniques for “selling” mysteries to young patrons
  • Booklist staffers and other contributors will share their favorite mystery series from the small screen
  • We’ll have lots of a trademark quirky lists (“Sons and Daughters of Salander,” anyone?)

And there’s a lot more where that came from. In addition to other features not named here, you can count on the bloggers in our Bookends, Book Group Buzz, Shelf Renewal, and Audiobooker departments to be on the case.

Make sure you’re not the one waiting in front of the bank, listening to approaching sirens while the rest of the gang escapes into the alley. Follow @BooklistReader and #mysterymonth on Twitter and like The Booklist Reader Facebook page. Prefer to keep up via email? Sign up for our e-newsletters REaD ALERT, Booklist Online Exclusives, and Booklist Reader Update, and we’ll deliver it all to your in-box.

Do you have any suggestions for Mystery Month? Let me know!





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