The Magicians, Episode 11: Remedial Battle Magic

Q all alone... forever?

Things are getting significantly hairier, friends. There is a dramatic suicide depicted in this week’s episode, Julia gets a visit from the divine, and the fragility of Quentice (a fan-created Brangelina-like nickname for Quentin and Alice) is revealed. Shall we touch the button together? OK. Away we go.

First, The Beast is tormenting travelers by getting inside their heads and never shutting up. Alice hears that her traveling family friend has committed suicide, and then we see Penny speaking with his mentor, Stanley. Stanley confirms that, yes, they are all hearing the voices, and he has the solution. Too bad his solution is to eat a gun barrel right in front of Penny. Now Penny’s doubly tortured—by what he’s seen, and by what he can hear. Not even the siren sounds of heavy metal, a little drinking, or heavy recreational drug use can quiet the voices until Penny has a heart attack. Fortunately for Penny, Alice finds him just in time and hauls him into the infirmary where Professor Sunderland applies a strange regulator device to the back of Penny’s neck. It quiets the voices, but also blunts the “flow” of Penny’s magic. Sunderland reminds him that he’s not the only bad boy on campus.


Eliot, Margo, Penny, Alice, and Quentin all know that they’re going to have to fight The Beast. While most of their initial attempts fail, they discover that Kady might just know something that could help. Kady’s solution is something I’m calling Hedge Drank. Hedge witches have a spell that removes their emotions so that they can kick butt in battle—it involves literally bottling your emotions into a glowing red liquid that you wear around your neck. With your heart on a sleeve, or, an emotional millstone bottle around your neck—what could go wrong?

cast magic missileThe strategy works and suddenly, the group is able to master complicated battle spells! But they have to face a major hangover after—when they’re done with the spells, they have to drink their Hedge Drank and experience All The Feelings at once. The group splits up: Penny and Alice decide to ditch the crutch and work on mastering both the magic and their emotions (to great effect, eventually) while Margo, Eliot, and Quentin keep using the Drank. This doesn’t end well.

On the flip side, Julia and Kady and the Free Traders Beowulf have decided to summon a god. Because that makes a heck of a lot of sense, right? They want to tap into unlimited power and knowledge, which seems awesome, but they’re stirring up a lot of risky business, including supernatural junkies and someone posing as Kady’s dead mom. Finally, Julia’s prayers are literally answered—the Goddess appears to her and gives her instructions. Hm . . . is this STILL a good idea, Free Traders?alice alone, crying

In the end, we see that Quentice is broken. Alice has walked in on the aftermath of a Hedge Drank–influenced drunken three way between Quentin, Margo, and Eliot. Just when the five of them need to be a powerful group uniting against The Beast, things fall apart.

Next week looks equally bleak. The episode is titled “Thirty-Nine Graves,” and Alice and Quentin are DONE. Julia, however, may be game to visit Fillory. There will be blood, I’m sure.




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