Book Trailer Thursday: Two New Book-to-TV Adaptations

As has been previously cited, we have an officially unofficial rule here at the Booklist Reader that any book trailer featuring James Franco earns a Book Trailer Thursday spot; our judges have confirmed that this one qualifies, though technically it’s a trailer for a TV show. The adaptation of Stephen King’s alternate-history 11/22/63 (Scribner, 2011), now a few episodes into its eight-episode run on Hulu, is one of two exciting new streaming television shows based on recent books for adults.

The other is a four-episode documentary series Michael Pollan has done with Netflix, and shares its name with Pollan’s Cooked (Penguin, 2013). Pollan’s canon of sociology-via-plants-and-food books are a natural next step for viewers of the show who might not have read him before, and Booklist Online will help you find a bevy of even more related titles (17 Booklist reviews and features reference The Omnivore’s Dilemma, his 2006 title, alone).

You’ll find lots of further “what if?” reading for when the curtain closes on 11/22/63 in Rebecca Vnuk’s terrific list of alternate-history backlist titles. And for another example of great cross-format readers’ advisory, don’t miss Kaite Mediatore Stover’s recent list of eight great books and their perfect podcast pairings.



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