The Magicians, Episode 8: The Strangled Heart

the dean says to clean up your own messes!Well, my faithful Brakebillians, circumstances conspired against me to do my usual live-tweeting last night but I return, ready to explore the tangled web of magic that The Magicians has woven! I caught a late-night rerun of the episode and here are my highlights:

  • The Brakebills South students return. Alice has some (valid) concerns about the nature and intensity of Quentin’s feelings towards her after the “fox incident.” She wants to disentangle their foxy selves from their human selves to see what’s real . . . predictably, Quentin isn’t into this.
  • Mandatory study groups have formed! In a nod to their advanced studies from the original book, Penny, Alice, and Quentin have been forced to study together (although Q schemed his way into it). I wonder what they’ll discover together as a team.
  • OMG, BUNNY!!! Mike, Eliot’s new boyfriend, does a little night strolling and decapitates an adorable bunny rabbit. He then pulls a vicious looking blade out of its neckhole! Which he then uses to try and kill Q, of course.

couldn't the bunny have been spared? whatever happened to fed ex?

  • Penny intervenes in Mike’s attack and takes a blow for Quentin. However, because they can’t identify the blade’s composition they can’t help him heal up.
  • In the meantime, Julia checks into rehab. She has an unsavory interaction with Marina, whose intentions are likely NOT honorable, and discovers that there are other magicians among her rehab mates.

julia is too trusting.

  • They discover that Penny’s gross injury is actually a call-back to a Fillory novel—Jane Chatwin had the same injury, so it’s up to Q to save the day with a little magic of his own, Virgo Blade, but apparently a little voodoo doll approach isn’t enough to get rid of the cursed wound.

So what’s in store next week, my little spell casters? Episode nine, “The Writing Room,” promises to be a real thrill ride. Buckle in!




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