Book Trailer Thursday: Salt to the Sea

I must admit that the title of today’s BTT is a little bit of a lie—the actual Salt to the Sea (Philomel) trailer can be found here. Instead, I’ve chosen to post this eight-minute video of Ruta Sepetys’ discussing the frame, setting, and her own extensive research for her new historical novel, alongside some truly extraordinary photos. I think the author’s excitement to share this “hidden history,” and thank those who helped her do so, will intrigue many a would-be reader (as it certainly has me). Viewers who watch to the end will hear Sepetys’ family connection to the maritime disaster of the Wilhelm Gustloff, too.

Don’t miss Maggie Reagan’s stellar interview with Sepetys, where the author reminds us who she writes for, and why she doesn’t shy away from telling that audience stories that are difficult.



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