The Magicians, Episode 5: Mendings, Major and Minor

behind the scenes picture of the cast during the welters game episode 5

This week on The Magicians:

  • Quentin grapples with his dad’s cancer and the idea that magic might not be able to confer immortality
  • Welters games begin, with the potential for cosplay written all over
  • Penny encounters the Beast through astral projection to . . . Fillory?!?
  • Julia pursues magic through desperation using any means necessary

As per usual, the gang at Brakebills is attacking their studies with vigor. Did I say vigor? Just kidding! They are totally more interested in what Eliot, Professor of Mixology is stirring up and the impending welters game. Welters is Brakebills’ answer to sports: a magical cross between chess, quidditch, and a pretty good excuse to slap a bunch of thigh-high socks on the ladies again. As it turns out, Quentin has some skill in this area. Too bad he’s pursuing misguided attempts to invent a magical cure for his dad’s cancer!

a tweet about how q killed cancer puppy

But as usual, the magical world creates more problems than it solves. Eliot confesses to Q that the dog was enchanted to stay forever a puppy, but that it doesn’t keep it from being riddled with cancer and other problems that a 150-year-old dog would likely have. Brakebills has the weirdest pets.

The special effects and cinematography continue to wow viewers. There’s a TON to see and explore in each scene, seemingly even more with repeated viewings. While the welters game was the highlight of the episode, careful viewers are realizing that there’s more at play, than, well, meets the eye.

tweet observing the difference between the color values of the magical world and the regular one

Meanwhile, while Q is mourning his dad’s likely terminal diagnosis and Eliot is planning a puppy funeral (we hope!), Penny is breaking on through to the other side. Unfortunately for him, that means encountering another Traveler who is being held prisoner in . . . FILLORY? Ack! There’s the Beast again! Er, I mean, Moth Man?

tweet observing the beast, or moth man

And Julia, poor cast-out Julia, is suffering the curse of not having a friendly place to learn magic. She’s even willing to trade her feminine wiles for information on safe houses and other groups’ magic spell collections. Fans recognized her desperation at being cut off from her original hedge group.

julia did some "hoein" on the magicians ep 5

Oh, Tamaj, your mom is full of wisdom.

Next week! Episode 6 is Impractical Applications, where the Brakebillians must undergo a serious test in order to do something. We’re not sure what yet, but if Eliot is in charge that test will likely involve distilled spirits. Julia is also on deck to find a new ally—we hope this one doesn’t take advantage of her! Until next week, keep the bee and key safe and don’t project to Fillory unsupervised!



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