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Book Trailer Thanksgiving: Essential Pépin

For a BTT that falls on Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to feature a cookbook all-star: Jacques Pepin. Essential Pépin (Houghton) was published several years ago in conjunction with the eponymous TV series’ launch, and in this trailer, Pépin shares several tips to keep in mind today, and whenever you find yourself huddled over a stovetop. Whatever you like, call it a vegetable. Chocolate cake? Vegetable. Leave the merengue-whipping task to the family member with the biggest biceps. And, in case you forgot to make your mushrooms look like little circus big-tops today, just remember that the good life, after all, is cooking whatever you like—with a glass of wine in hand.

Since we’re Booklist, we’ll add that the good life also includes a good book to read while you wait to get hungry for seconds. And someone to help with the dishes.



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