Book Trailer Thursday: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Stephen King, the prolific master of horror, is back again with a new collection of short stories that was released earlier this season. He has come far since the days of Carrie and Pet Semetary, when he was labeled a “genre author” as his characters were pitted against eerie monsters that possessed supernatural forces. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (Scribner) is not so heavily character-vs.-monster-driven; instead, many of the stories take a philosophical route by presenting death as the monster we must all eventually face. Booklist editor Dan Kraus explains that “though the stories swing from sad to wistful to grim, it’s this cackling sense of play that makes Uncle Stevie so much fun to have around.” Halloween may be over, but as the days get shorter and nightfall creeps up earlier and earlier, a good horror story seems quite appealing. For those who don’t want to tackle one of his lengthier novels, Uncle Stevie still has us covered.

The book trailer, though brief, sets the scene for King’s recognizable brand of dark suspense.



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