This Week on Well Read TV: Elizabeth Gilbert Talks about Big Magic

This week on Well Read, Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert will be speaking with hosts Terry Tazioli and Mary Anne Gwinn about her newest book, Big Magic (2015). Drawing on the huge success of Eat, Pray, Love—which was published nearly a decade ago—Big Magic is classified as a kind of self-help manual that provides guidance on how to live a creative life. Gilbert explains in a New York Times article that living creatively is not necessarily about committing yourself to the arts, but rather about “living a life driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.” In the video clip above, Gilbert answers readers’ questions, including, “Your new book seems to encourage people to cast fear aside to discover the magic of a life filled with creative expression. What are your thoughts about the possible benefits of fear?”

To watch her full conversation with Tazioli and Gwinn, check your public television affiliate’s schedule for this Friday, November 20.

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