Book Trailer Thursday: HAPPY!

In 2013, Pharrell Williams released his hit song “Happy,” which instantly became a recognizable anthem of positive vibes as it rose to the top of the Billboard charts and dominated airtime on the most popular radio stations. Now, the song has been transformed into a picture book for young audiences, featuring cheerful photos of a diverse group of children celebrating happiness. Booklist reviewer Kay Weisman writes that “the text literally dances across the page,” giving us the idea that the song’s energy and colorfulness has translated well into a book.  The Grammy-winning musician seems genuinely dedicated to his peppy campaign, as he says in the trailer, “if this book makes one child ask him or herself, ‘what makes me happy?’ then we’ve done our job.”



About the Author:

Allegra Wozniak served as a Booklist intern in fall 2015. She is a senior at Lake Forest College studying English literature and print and digital publishing. Besides reading, her favorite thing to do is eat Little Caesars breadsticks and watch the Mad Max movies with her dog, Mango.

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