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Book Trailer Thursday: Rainn Wilson’s The Bassoon King

Grab a pen, or ready your pinkies and pointers for some CTRL+C-ing, because I have a big book-trailer knowledge bomb for you: people who are good at being on TV are also really good at making book trailers. Today’s stunning example comes from Rainn Wilson, promoting his new book The Bassoon King: My Life in Art, Faith, and Idiocy (Dutton) via an interview with tough-as-nails interrogator Rainn Wilson (with a beard).

Conveniently, Wilson hosts the interview show “Metaphysical Milkshake” through his media company SoulPancake’s YouTube channel. Find out more about SoulPancake on their Wikipedia page here, and watch other episodes of Metaphysical Milkshake here. (Shoutout to Kid President—we love you!).

Anyway, back to the trailer: it’s funny (and also kind of gross!) and you should watch it.



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