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Book Trailer Thursday: Officer Panda, Fingerprint Detective

Ashley Crowley is probably really good at “Two Truths and a Lie.” I’ll have a go for him: 1) Writes and illustrates books for kiddos; 2) Captures criminals and brings them to justice; 3) Prefers red lifesaver candies over all other colors. Can you guess which statement is a lie?? Believe it or not, it’s the lifesaver one. (Or I guess it’s probably the lifesaver one—technically I don’t know what color he prefers.) Crowley’s Officer Panda: Fingerprint Detective (Harper) tells a funny story while teaching kids about the mechanics of fingerprints and their role in solving crimes, informed no doubt by the author/illustrator’s real-life experience. “The smudgy multimedia art is appealingly jumbled, which adds to the messy atmosphere, and the swaths of unused space make the details pop,” writes reviewer Sarah Grant. Here’s Officer Panda, in all his smudgy glory!



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