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Throwback Thursday: Booklist Editors, circa 1988

Booklist‘s Adult Books Editor, Brad Hooper, is retiring at the end of the month, prompting no small amount of reminiscence around the office. (A surprise visit by former editor Ray Olson at this morning’s coffee only served to kick things into high gear.) It seems only appropriate to share the photo below, which was taken in 1988 for the cover page of a brochure introducing Booklist staff.

The title on the cover? “The Image of Success.” Many things have changed: the spaceship-console computers peeking around Hazel Rochman at left corner are no more, and while the card catalog still exists, it is no longer consulted on a regular basis. Booklisters as the “Image of Success”? Of course. (Even if success wears its hair and its lapels a bit differently these days.)

Booklist Editors: The Image of Success

Booklist editors - the image of success - keyYou’ll note still-active Booklisters Brad Hooper at top left, Bill Ott at top right, Sue-Ellen Beauregard at left center, and Ilene Cooper in the red dress. The aforementioned Ray Olson is the man in the pink tie at left. (For a key to all the faces, click the key at right to expand.)



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