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Barry Gifford Publishes New Series of Short Stories on Chicagoist

Barry Gifford (photo by Matt Dillon)

Barry Gifford (photo by Matt Dillon)

Rob Christopher, who works with us here in ALA’s publishing department, reports that he has just finished editing a series of short stories by Barry Gifford, the author of Wild at Heart (1990) and many other works. The 10 new stories all center around Roy, a kid growing in 1950s and ’60s Chicago, and will be published each Friday on Chicagoist.

The first one, “Mona,” was published last week and features the Uptown Theater, a prominent landmark of the Uptown neighborhood. Currently vacant and in desperate need of a multimillion-dollar renovation, in the story it’s hosting a sparse matinee audience when a wounded bank robber rushes in.

By Barry Gifford

“What’s goin’ on?”

“Two guys held up the Black Hawk Savings and Loan. A teller set off the alarm and the cops showed up just as the robbers were comin’ out. They shot the first one out the door, he’s dead, but the other one ran across the street into the Uptown. He’s holed up in there.”

“What’s playin’?”

Tell Him I’m Dangerous. You seen it?”

“No. How long’s he been in the theater?”

“Twenty minutes, half hour. The cops got the exits covered. They don’t want a shootout inside, innocent people get hurt.”

Read the rest of the story, and visit the Chicagoist again this Friday for the next one!




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