Booklist’s Digital Edition – It’s Alive!

Likely StoriesJust in time for the spookiest month of the year, the mad scientists at Booklist have been working their laboratory magic to bring you something truly magnificent: Booklist‘s digital edition!

Part print, part online, this new reading format is a page-by-page facsimile of the print magazine that offers the convenience of online access.

OC15_screenshotTo celebrate the digital edition’s publication, we’re offering open access to the October 15 Spotlight on First Novels issue to everyone for a limited time. That means whether you subscribe to Booklist or not, you can read the full text of the issue’s reviews and features. We think you’ll find it scary good.

For all of you subscribers, you’ll now get print, online, digital, and archive access to the 22 Booklist and 4 Book Links print magazines. Prefer to read Booklist while marking up the margins? Go nuts! Enjoy using Booklist Online to search last year’s Top 10 Romance or find starred picture books from 2013? Have at it! Want to read Book Links page-by-page, but it’s sitting on your co-worker’s desk? Read away! We think you’ll find yourself using all three formats to access and navigate our content with ease.

And be sure to check out the digital edition archive where you can easily browse, skim, or peruse past issues of the magazine.

A side of Bill Ott you may not have seen before.

A side of Bill Ott you may not have seen before.





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Katharine served as Booklist’s Marketing Director from 2013 - 2016. She is a bike rider, violin player, craft beer drinker, and cat lover and reviews for Booklist.

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