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Mapping Classic Literature: Andrew DeGraff’s Plotted

PlottedIllustrator Andrew DeGraff “plotted” 19 classic works of literature by creating cleverly structured and extraordinarily detailed maps that follow the course of each novel, story, poem, play, and even an historic memoir. This is a thrillingly original approach to illustration, resulting in an enticing book that refreshes our grasp and enjoyment of such indelible works as Robinson Crusoe, Moby-Dick, The Lottery, The Christmas Carol, A Wrinkle in Time, Hamlet, and Watership Down.

With its hand-drawn and painted cartographic spreads and pithy introductory essays, Plotted (which received a starred review in the October 15 issue of Booklist) is an eye-pleasing and mind-revving collection of literary journeys that will fascinate both readers revisiting favorite tales and those venturing onto new imaginative terrain. You’ll see some Watership Down page spreads below, and the video above offers a time-lapse look at how DeGraff creates his images.





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