November 2015 LibraryReads

library readsNovember 2015 LibraryReads are here! Check out the 10 titles below, linked to Booklist reviews—several of them starred—where available. (Look for reviews of Crimson Shore, Dear Mr. You, Little Victories: Perfect Rules for Imperfect Living, The Muralist, and A Wild Swan: And Other Tales in forthcoming issues of Booklist.)


japanese loverThe Japanese Lover, by Isabel Allende (Favorite of Favorites)


Along the Infinite Sea, by Beatriz Williams

Crimson Shore, by Douglas Preson & Lincoln Child

Dear Mr. You, by Mary-Louise Parker

The Girl With Ghost Eyes, by M. H. Boroson

The Improbability of Love, by Hannah Rothschild

A Likely Story: A Library Lover’s Mystery, by Jenn McKinlay

Little Victories: Perfect Rules for Imperfect Living, by Jason Gay

The Muralist, by B. A. Shapiro

A Wild Swan: And Other Tales, by Michael Cunningham



About the Author:

Allegra Wozniak served as a Booklist intern in fall 2015. She is a senior at Lake Forest College studying English literature and print and digital publishing. Besides reading, her favorite thing to do is eat Little Caesars breadsticks and watch the Mad Max movies with her dog, Mango.

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