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Scent of a Human: Bury Your Nose in These Paranormal Romance Novels

Is there any sense more powerful than smell? Not only is it the sure catalyst for a trip down memory lane, it’s also essential to falling in love. In romance novels at least, if two people find themselves daydreaming about how good the other person smells, chances are they’re meant to be together. The idea is not completely unfounded! Recent research has uncovered that genetic compatibility is indicated by smell—species as diverse as mice and stickleback fish choose their mates based on scent. And humans? A dating concept in L.A. seems to take this to the extreme with something called a pheromone party, where bagged shirts recently slept in by participants are passed around—whoever smells best to you is yours for the evening.

Three Beaus

Paige Tyler has two highly entertaining paranormal romance series right now both that seem to have raucous fun with this idea. Tyler’s Special X-OPS series revolves around the members of the secretive Department of Covert Operations, ex-cops that can transform into animals, giving them cutting-edge speed and strength. They stalk a mysterious villain who is creating vicious hybrid-shifters—just like natural shifters but much more dangerous and volatile! As animals, of course, they have a good sense of smell, which comes in handy when tracking villains. It also comes in handy in other areas. In Tyler’s SWAT series, a special forces unit comprised of werewolves track down some evildoers in their Dallas home before sitting back to reflect on the widely-held myth of “the one”: a werewolf’s soulmate, recognizable by his or her trance-inducing pheromones . . . .

The experience of scent, its totalizing effect, is the perfect metaphor for love. I’m reminded of a book I recently reviewed by married journalists Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny, #NEWSFAIL (2014), in which they describe what it’s “actually like” when you realize you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone:

It’s not a moment of lust. It’s not like when you see someone in a bar that you want to sleep with and think: Wow. That person is F&$^%@#* hot. It’s not like that. When you meet your soul mate; it’s more like: Oh, shit.

Below you’ll find a roundup of “oh, shit” moments. There will always be obstacles to love: class, age, pride, maybe a little prejudice (see what I did there?)—but in Paige Tyler’s paranormal romances at least, when you follow your nose, you can’t go wrong.

X-OPS Series

Her Wild HeroHer Perfect Mate

As Tyler launches the X-Ops series, Special Forces captain Landon Donovan is abruptly assigned to a politically controversial, secret Homeland Security unit that pairs humans with shifters, part-animal counterparts carrying natural genetic mutations.

Her Lone Wolf

In this installment in Tyler’s X-Ops series, FBI special agent Danica Beckett investigates some mysterious attacks in Sacramento and realizes that there is no ordinary serial killer behind them

Her Wild Hero

Tyler (Her Lone Wolf, 2014) continues her paranormal-military X-Ops series from the perspectives of Kendra Carlsen, an assistant at the Department of Covert Operations (DCO), and Declan McBride, the DCO’s bear shifter.


SWAT Series

Hungry Like the WolfHungry like the Wolf

Mackenzie Stone is an up-and-coming journalist who goes after the toughest stories. She has exposed drug lords, corrupt CEOs, and politicians. Now she wants to investigate the mysterious SWAT team the Dallas police call in when they can’t handle a situation.

Wolf Trouble

The Dallas SWAT (Special Wolf Alpha Team) team, secretly composed entirely of werewolves, is faster and stronger than any Special Forces unit around—they can heal fast, see in the dark, and track scents better than any beagle.


More Paranormal Romances

The Accidental Werewolf, by Dakota Cassidy

Cassidy, a prolific author of erotica, has ventured into MaryJanice Davidson territory with a humorous, sexy tale of cosmetics saleswoman Marty Andrews.

My Sister is a WerewolfThe Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf, by Molly Harper

Even in the Alaskan wilderness, life gets complicated, especially if you are a female werewolf and pack leader like Maggie Graham.

My Sister is a Werewolf, by Kathy Love

Elizabeth Young met a different fate than her vampire brothers.

Werewolf in the North Woods, by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Abby Winchell is visiting her grandpa Earl, who is obsessed with Bigfoot. He has been a laughingstock ever since announcing that he has seen a mated pair. Earl’s wealthy neighbor has been trying to buy him out for some time.



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