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Going Postal: Kim Savage, Jane Sutton, Andy Mulligan, Robison Wells, and Nic Sheff

chickenWe get so many books at Booklist that a bulldozer simply comes by every afternoon to dump them through a retractable football-stadium skylight into our mail room. Going Postal is where I pull a few things from the newest batch that catch my jaded eye.

After the Woods by Kim Savage (Feb. 2016). This is the aptly-named Savage’s first book, which has as its backstory a teen being viciously hunted for two days in the woods. I wrote about something similar once, but that’s not what got my attention. It’s the cover, an appealing dark-fairy mix of scary and sweet.

What’s Up with This Chicken? (Sept. 2015). Because I want to know. What is up with that chicken? She definitely looks way more smug than any chicken ought to look.

The Boy with Two Heads by Andy Mulligan (Oct. 2015). That isn’t a metaphor. The protagonist literally wakes up with two heads. (Did John Corey Whaley start a trend?) Another fantastic cover.

Dark Energy by Robison Wells (Mar. 2016). Once I was very sick and stuck on a passenger bus and to this day I credit Wells’ Variant (2011) for getting me through it. So when Wells shows up on a cart, I get emotional. (Incidentally, 2016 looks to be the Year of UFOs, with a whole bunch of unusual-looking YA books coming on the topic.)

⇒ Harmony House by Nic Sheff (Mar. 2016). Sheff is known for his gritty memoirs (or related fiction) involving drug addiction, recovery, and relapse, so seeing his name on a haunted-house book is a real wha-what? moment. But I love it when authors do a 180 into a new genre; there’s always the chance they’ll bring new perspective to it.



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  1. Daniel: I illustrated Jane Sutton’s “What’s Up With This Chicken?”. Your reason for pulling it from the pile made me laugh. I appreciate the verbal thumbs up regarding the cover.

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