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Two Writers Talk about Sex in YA Books: Brace Yourself for the Oral History Podcast!

oral logoJane and Joe American, listen up! We know your water cooler chit-chat has been occupied of late with discussions like “What does Adnan know about the Best Buy phone booth?!” and “Why is the president doing interviews in some dude’s garage?” That’s the magic of podcasts. Maybe because we usually plug the sound directly into our ear-holes, the voices can really get inside our heads.

Speaking of bodily holes: The Oral History Podcast: Two Writers Talk about Sex in YA. Because I am a publishing gadfly (does not compute with need to never leave house), I’ve met both of the hosts: Christa Desir, author of Bleed like Me, and Carrie Mesrobian, author of Sex & Violence. But I don’t know them—or didn’t, until I started listening to their podcast. Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve got their numbers: they’re smart, hilarious, have no time for Puritan pearl-clutchers, and with their Minnesotan accents make their messages go down smoother than an ice-cold Pabst.

christa and carrie

Christa is unbothered by Carrie’s pitiful lack of stilts.

They talk about sex in YA books—no surprise there. What’s surprising is what an unadulterated delight it is. Every time I listen, I find myself giving much respect for how frank they are about the variety, specifics, and frequency of sex they’d like to see in YA lit, and also how much dang sense they make.

Agree or disagree, it’s good listenin’, and I’m proud to announce that The Booklist Reader is now sponsoring The Oral History Podcast. If you’re already a fan of the show, well, don’t worry, nothing is changing. If this is the first time you’re hearing of it, well, good, because that’s the whole point.

New episodes will be premiering on this blog roughly once a month, with the first one appearing this Friday. We hope you’ll plug in and let us know what you think. We think Christa and Carrie, our new shock jocks, will rock you.



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