If IKEA Was Evil: New TV Series Based on Horrorstör under Development

cover of horrorstor by grady hendrixOne of my favorite horror novels of the past couple of years was Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. It blended humor and terror in just the right amounts, and any IKEA fan would recognize his Nordic knockoff store, “Orsk,” as both the setting of the characters’ nightmares and a great place to grab a plate of meatballs.

That’s why I’m stoked that they’re developing a dramedy series based on this book at Fox. Early news sounds like they’re backing off the terror aspect a bit in order to mock the wish-fulfillment idea of shopping at a store that purports to deliver a “lifestyle experience.” Not sure how The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz is going to address the novel’s sly commentary on socioeconomic oppression and wage slavery, but a TV series does offer more screen time to develop such topics than a one-off movie might.

Deadline offers more details on how this project came to be, including involvement from Charlie Kaufman. (And if you missed the book trailer when we shared it last fall, click here for a memorable shopping—I mean, viewing—experience!)



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