Audiobook Trailer Thursday: Ms. Marvel

Here’s a format we haven’t covered at Book Trailer Thursday: the graphic audiobook. GraphicAudio promises to give listeners an action-packed listening experience, with sound effects and full-cast recordings. It’s interesting to have a trailer to share, too, because although the graphic element is of course what’s missing in an audiobook, this could bridge the gap for comics lovers.

Geeky, 16-year-old Pakistani girl/protector of Jersey City, Kamala Khan is the much-loved new Ms. Marvel. Sarah Hunter says her “story touches on many issues bubbling up around comics today—diversity, gender, culture, sexuality—though never with a heavy hand.” Readers who haven’t yet seen or heard from this “supremely likeable and relatable hero” can start here.

Are any libraries having success with the graphic audio format? Share your tips and tricks with your fellow readers here!



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