Going Postal: Judy Blume, Cindy Pon, Suzanne Young, and Tim Wynne-Jones


Little-known fact: we get so many books at Booklist that a bulldozer simply comes by every afternoon to dump them through a retractable football-stadium skylight into our mail room, which roughly resembles Thunderdome. Thankfully, we employ dozens of oompa loompas (with library degrees) to toss the chaff into the fire and bring us only the best. Going Postal is where I pull a few things from the newest batch that catch my jaded eye.

⇒ New Tim Wynne-Jones! Hey, how about that? Blink and Caution was great. Wynne-Jones is one of those guys who can sneak up while you’re staring at something shinier and knock you upside the head with the best book of the year, so watch out.

⇒ Just try and look at the Judy Blume volume of the Women Who Broke the Rules series and not smile. It’s nice to see a living legend treated like one.

⇒ Even fans of Cindy Pon might look at this ARC and be nonplussed by the fact that it doesn’t have art yet. But am I the only one who kind of likes it when an ARC doesn’t have art? There’s something mysterious and full of potential about it. You just don’t know what you’re getting into and I dig that.

⇒ Hotel Ruby is the latest from Suzanne Young of The Program fame, and besides being excited about it, I include it here after having had a chance to spend some quality time with Young at the latest ALA Conference, which I came away from full of incendiary blackmail material. Do you know Young’s favorite brand of beer? I’m not even going to tell you, it’s that embarrassing. Anyway: Hotel Ruby!




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