Book Trailer Thursday: A Book of Spirits and Thieves

This simple trailer for Morgan Rhodes’s recently released A Book of Spirits and Thieves (Razorbill) whittles the “effectively twisted plot” of its source material down to the bare essentials: a girl in a bookstore opens a book, and is instantly transported elsewhere in a flash of light. Both the crescendoing voice-over and energetic score lend themselves well to the small screen—enough so that I’m already wondering how long it will be before this cinematic fantasy comes to the big screen as well. That is, at least, if Rhodes’s bestselling other series doesn’t get there first.



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Maggie Reagan works for Booklist as an associate editor in the Books for Youth department. In addition to the required love of reading, she is also an adventure junkie, animal hugger, and stringed-instrument enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter @MagdalenaRayGun.

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