Book Trailer Thursday: Modern Romance

This week, Aziz Ansari takes us back to a simpler time, when finding a date was as easy as popping in your latest shipped copy of Video Mate™.  Say what? First of all, despite what the name might conjure up, Video Mate™  is actually SFW. Second of all, I have no idea how this worked in reality. Were videos shipped to hopeful datees in unmarked packages? Did movie theaters host Video Mate™ viewing parties? Are there more of these in an archive somewhere and can I watch all of them? If you or someone you know found love via this medium, please tell me more.

Look for the Booklist review of Ansari’s Modern Romance: An Investigation (Penguin) in the June issue, and on Booklist Online next week. (You can read more about the book and trailer over at The Verge.)



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