Hold Your Breath and Click: Tiny Stories on Twitter

Screengrab of the Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter account inspired by The Wanderer.Likely StoriesIt’s fascinating to see writers using social media in new ways. Here’s a trend waiting to happen: choose your own adventure Twitter stories! Earlier this year, mobile developer Terence Eden read a cool new book and wanted to promote it to more people. The Wanderer, by Timothy J. Jarvis, which Eden describes as “an eldritch horror novel,” inspired a Twitter account that branches off into more accounts, which you select as you make your way through the story. Eden’s inaugural tweet contains a hint for the reader as to the ideal time to try this tale: creep yourself out at bedtime with this quick tale of terror, fangs, and flight. Read about how he constructed the story on his blog.

Screengrab of the starting tweet of the Twitter adaptation of Escape from the Haunted Warehouse, a new Choose Your Own Adventure book.If you blink, you might have missed the #TwitterFiction Festival this month. It was a week of super-short stories told on Twitter by writers from Margaret Atwood to Lemony Snicket. Hands down, my favorite story was from the actual publishers of the Choose Your Own Adventure books! Author Anson Montgomery’s “lost” book, Escape from the Haunted Warehouse, was just released. He adapted it to Twitter as an entry for the #TwitterFiction Festival and it has all the thrilling anticipation I remember from classic CYOA books in the 1980s. Try it yourself and see if you can successfully escape from the Haunted Warehouse!

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