Small-Press Lineup: Bitter Lemon Press

Mystery Month 2015Some of the biggest crime fiction is perpetrated by some of the smallest players. We’re determined to shine the spotlight on them before they break out and wreak havoc across the whole country. Read them—before they publish again!



mugshot-francoisevonhurterLegal Name and Alias:

François von Hurter, aka Franky Boy


Laurence Colchester and Frederic von Hurter, partners and publishers

Criminal Record:

Bitter Lemon Press, founded in London in 2004 by the von Hurter brothers, François and Frédéric, and by Laurence Colchester, has taken off rapidly by focusing on mystery fiction translated into English. Sitting in the shade of a large oak tree one summer  in the Cevennes region of France, we decided it was time to do something together, different and probably not very profitable. We are focused on literary crime from Europe and Latin America. These are meant to be books for one’s travels, uncovering the darker side of places one visits, written by prize-winning local authors. More recently, novels written in English have been added to the list by American authors such as Elliott Colla, Iain Levison and Elwood Reid, and the New Zealander Peter Thomas. Another is Ben Pastor, an Italian writing mystery novels in English  set during WWII. We are distributed in North America by Consortium Publisher Services (CBSD) in Minneapolis and our books are available through the main wholesalers as well.

carofiglio-walkinthedarkPrevious Offenses:

A Walk in the Dark, by Gianrico Carofiglio (2006)

Havana Fever, by Leonardo Padura (2009)

Baghdad Central, by Elliott Colla (2014)

Nights of Awe, by Harri Nykanen (2012)

thomas-falloutA Crack in the Wall, by Claudia Pineiro (2013)

Currently Plotting:

Fallout, by Peter Thomas (April 2015)

Tin Sky, by Ben Pastor (May 2015)

Body Snatcher, by Patricia Melo (September 2015)

Twitter: @bitterlemonpub
Youtube: bitterlemonfilm
Instagram: francoisvonhurter
email: books@bitterlemonpress.com2015_mystery-hashtag



About the Author:

Keir Graff is Executive Editor of Booklist Publications and the author of five books. His most recent is the middle-grade novel, The Other Felix (2011). Follow him on Twitter at @Booklist_Keir.

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