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10 Days Until Mystery Month!

Mystery MonthDrum roll, please! And a slow clap! And for good measure, somebody cue the theme music from Jeopardy! Booklist‘s Mystery Month is just 10 days away. Can’t wait? Neither can we. To tide you over, here’s a little something we found in the filing cabinet, just behind the bottle of cheap bourbon and under the well-oiled .38.

Want to know the identities of the Edgar-winning authors who’ll tell each other they’re doing it wrong this year? Check back on May 1!

You’re Doing It Wrong: Lee Child vs. Joseph Finder, Part 1

You're Doing It Wrong: Lee Child vs. Joe FinderPut two writers onstage in a roomful of fans, and you know they’ll get along swimmingly. They’ll gush about each other’s books and nod thoughtfully at each other’s pearls of wisdom. In the bar afterward, of course, it can be an entirely different matter—because that’s when the truth comes out. Unfortunately, we can’t all have a drink at the bar with best-selling authors in order to find out what they really think and how they really talk to each other. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature called You’re Doing It Wrong. In it, we’ll be asking authors to engage in friendly arguments, sharing the kind of back-and-forth you don’t always hear.

Our first two authors to enter the ring—arguing about whether to outline or not—will need no introduction to readers. Lee Child is the author of 16 wildly popular Jack Reacher books (The Affair was the most recent; A Wanted Man comes out in September); and Tom Cruise will embody his hero onscreen in One Shot, opening December 21, 2012. Joseph Finder’s second Nick Heller book, Buried Secrets, earned rave reviews last year—and another of his books, Paranoia, is headed for the screen in 2013 starring Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. Finder and Child clearly don’t need to be introduced to each other, either—from the sound of it, they’ve been arguing for a long, long time.

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