Remembering Cathie Linz, Romance Writer and Advocate

Likely StoriesBooklist lost an enthusiastic friend, an avid supporter of romance fiction, and an extremely popular author—seven consecutive starred reviews!—when librarian and writer Cathie Linz passed away earlier this month.

Romance novels now live happily
ever after in public libraries across the country.

Romance expert and Booklist contributor John Charles sent this tribute:

Cathie Linz

Cathie Linz

Twenty years ago, most public libraries, if they didn’t actively scorn romance fiction, chose to quietly ignore these books. The prevailing belief was that even if romance novels were popular with readers, that didn’t mean they belonged with “real” books in a “real” library. This misunderstanding of the value of romance fiction changed radically because of the advocacy of one individual: Cathie Linz. As both a librarian and a romance writer, Cathie couldn’t say no when Romance Writers of America asked her to be the association’s first Library Liaison. For more than a decade, Cathie worked tirelessly to educate library staff about the true nature and broad appeal of romance novels, and to promote the role of romance fiction in library collections. Cathie conducted workshops with ALA and PLA and created the Librarian’s Day workshops held at the annual RWA conferences. Cathie will be missed by her family, her friends, her readers, and her professional colleagues. But because of her tireless dedication, cheerful good humor, and love of the genre, romance novels now live happily ever after in public libraries across the country.

In a letter to Romance Writers of America, three RWA Librarians of the Year, John Charles, Shelley Mosley, and Kristin Ramsdell, wrote,

As Romance Writers of America’a first Library Liaison, Cathie Linz worked tirelessly to build the bonds between RWA and the library community, reaching out to librarians to help raise the image and importance of romance novels and helping romance authors understand how valuable romance-friendly librarians—and libraries—could be to them. As both a librarian and a romance author, Cathie was in a unique position to understand both groups and help them understand each other—and she did this brilliantly.

Bad Girls Don'tCathie was also a driving force behind the establishment of the Librarian of the Year Award and the Librarians’ Day Pre-conference, as well as an increased RWA and romance authors’ presence at conferences of the American Library Association (ALA) and the Public Library Association (PLA). All of these continue to flourish, and Librarians’ Day, in particular, is a tremendous draw wherever the RWA Annual Conference is held.

Without Cathie’s tireless work, most of these things would not have happened, and both the romance and library worlds would be poorer for it.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Romance Writers of America has graciously renamed the RWA Librarian of the Year Award to pay homage to Cathie. The award is now the Cathie Linz Librarian of the Year Award.

Cathie Linz wrote romance novels as both herself and as Cat Devon. Here’s a full bibliography in honor of her spirited creativity:

Bibliography: Cathie Linz

Remembrance of Love. New York: Dell, 1982.
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A Summer’s Embrace. New York: Dell, 1983.
A Charming Strategy. New York: Dell, 1984.
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Lover and DeceiverPride and Joy. New York: Dell, 1985.
A Glimpse of Paradise. New York: Dell, 1985.
Tender Guardian. New York: Dell, 1985.
Lover and Deceiver. New York: Dell, 1986.
Continental Lover. New York: Dell, 1986.
A Handful of Trouble. New York: Dell, 1987.
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A Friend in Need. New York: Silhouette, 1988.
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Handyman. New York: Silhouette, 1991.
Smooth Sailing. New York: Silhouette, 1991.
Flirting with Trouble. New York: Silhouette, 1992.
Male Ordered Bride. New York: Silhouette, 1993.
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Mad Bad and BlondeGood Girls Do. New York: Berkley, 2006.
Bad Girls Don’t. New York: Berkley Sensation, 2006
Big Girls Don’t Cry. New York: Berkley Sensation, 2007.
Smart Girls Think Twice. New York: Berkley Sensation, 2009.
Mad, Bad, and Blonde. New York: Berkley Sensation, 2010.
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Tempted Again. New York: Berkley Sensation, 2012.

As Cat Devon

Sleeping with the Entity. St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2013.
The Entity Within. St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2013.
Love Your Entity. St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2014.

Cathie Linz will be remembered with much gratitude and affection, and she will be read.



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  1.' Jean Newlin says:

    I was a “helper” at RWA’s ALA’s conference in Chicago at the McCormick Place. She set up the booth, solicited authors for free books to give to librarians when they stopped by, got great local authors to donate and come autograph their books. Susan Elizabeth Phillips was there the day I assisted at the conference. The librarians were wonderful. It was a typical Cathie Linz event: Fun, informative, encouraging, and had a dish of candy to share! She was full of love for the genre, her fellow writers and librarians. I’ve never met a more generous writer. Thank you RWA for honoring her in this way.

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