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Every weekday we feature a different review on Booklist Online. These reviews are notable for different reasons—they may be starred, or high-demand, or especially relevant to the current issue’s spotlight. We’ve collected the reviews from March 2–6 below, so you can revisit the best of the week.

Early WarningMonday, March 2nd

Early Warning, by Jane Smiley

Smiley continues the multigenerational, cross-country saga of the Iowa-rooted Langdon family she began in Some Luck (2014).

MacbethTuesday, March 3rd

Macbeth, by Gareth Hinds and illustrated by Gareth Hinds

Hinds offers another sensitive adaptation of classic literature in this beautifully colored and evocative rendition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Blood on SnowWednesday, March 4th

Blood on Snow, by Jo Nesbø

Nesbø tends to serve both small plates and large. The latter are typically novels in the Harry Hole series, multidimensional thrillers that often jump from the present to the past as the many-demoned hero sinks his teeth into a new case.

The Porcupine of TruthThursday, March 5th

The Porcupine of Truth, by Bill Konigsberg

Seventeen-year-old Carson has come from New York City to Billings, Montana, to spend the summer with his dying father, whom he hasn’t seen in 14 years.

UndertowFriday, March 6th

Undertow, by Michael Buckley

Lyric Walker has lived her whole life on Coney Island, and it has always been a weird place, but it’s even stranger now that the Alpha—a warrior race of underwater beings with sea-creature-like qualities—have taken up residence on the beach.




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