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This Is Dedicated To: The One I Love

Likely StoriesIn my first This Is Dedicated To post, I shared dedications to our favorite people: ourselves. Jokes aside this time, I’m sharing some true-love notes to authors’ real favorites. Valentine’s Day can be a frustrating holiday for reasons I don’t need to list, but let’s keep it all in perspective: before you get too bent out of shape over The-Day-That-Is-Supposed-To-Mean-So-Much-And-Is-Also-Saturday-In-Case-You-Forgot, take a look at these words spun by people who not only wrote entire books, but dedicated them to loved ones in beautiful ways. Now, I bet you miss how much less frustrated you were before you thought about this. That’s perspective.

Try making your dedicatee—and readers—swoon.

I’ve had this group of dedications sitting on my desktop for too long, because, quite frankly, I think it’s hard to write about love and be sincere or original, or even just without making people want to throw up. Finally, wearing my heart-shaped glasses this week, I found the inspiration I needed to cross all the t’s and make little hearts over the i’s in this post in order to share it with you. Here’s what I learned about dedicating your written work to a loved one from today’s featured dedications: Just say it simply! Or if not simply, say it cleverly. Neither route inspires? Try making your dedicatee—and readers—swoon. While we’re here, though, why not shoot the moon and try all three. (Looking at you, Michael Chabon.) So without further ado, I’ll let those who dedicated it loving-est speak for themselves.

No Animals Were Harmed: The Controversial Line between Entertainment and Abuse, by Peter Laufer

As The Shirelles doo-wopped:
This is dedicated to the one I love,

For containing the title to this blog post in his dedication, Mr. Laufer gets to go first.
World in the Balance: The Historic Quest for a Universal System of Measurement, by Robert P. Crease

For Stephanie,
beyond measure

Spencer Tracy, by James Curtis

This one is for Kim.
On the level.

A New World to Be Won: John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and the Tumultous Year of 1960, by G. Scott Thomas

To Laura, whose birth was undeniably the happiest event of 1960

Girl Hunter: Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at a Time, by Georgia Pellegrini

For T. Kristian Russell
Without you, there would be none of this

I’ve seen several variations on the “without whom not” dedication, though I think this one’s particularly nice.

The One: The Life and Music of James Brown, by RJ Smith

‘It takes two to make it outta sight.’

Telegraph Avenue, by Michael Chabon

To Ayelet, from the drop of the needle to the innermost groove

[Drops microphone]

How to Find Out Anything: From Extreme Google Searches to Scouring Government Documents, A Guide to Uncovering Anything about Everyone and Everything, by Don MacLeod

To Lisa

Of all the things I have found out over the years,
the one thing I learned that matters most is how lucky a guy I am.

Before Galileo: The Birth of Modern Science in Medieval Europe, by John Freely

For my beloved Toots

Galileo, Science, Medieval Europe and Toots: I like how they all go together.




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