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Hostile Questions: Victoria Schwab

Likely StoriesAttention, Literati! Victoria Schwab would have you believe that she is the truehearted YA author of such treasured fare as The Archived and The Near Witch. Well, fine. But we here at HQHQ (Hostile Questions Headquarters) are ready to blow the lid off the joint with a bombshell. She is also “V.E. Schwab,” author of the adult novel Vicious, which can only mean she is up to nasty, unspeakable adult things. We also believe that Victoria Schwab—if that is even a real name!!—goes under the following additional pseudonyms: V.R.R. Schwab (hobbity epics), Victoria’s Schwecret (lingerie catalogs), and V. Elroy Schwab (tractor repair manuals).

She cannot be trusted.

Can you find the cake in this picture?

Can you find the cake in this picture?

Just who do you think you are?

It varies, depending on the day. Most Monday mornings I’m an overworked and under-slept grad student/author. Most Friday nights I’m… well, damn. Pretty much the same thing. But on the inside, I oscillate between a teenage girl and an octogenarian man. Half the time I’m giddy and dancing in my PJs, the other half I want you to GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN. I guess in a less existential sense, I’m Victoria. But I’m also V.E. Oh god, I’m getting confused again.

Where do you get off?

It depends if I get lost along the way. This wanderlust makes a mess of things. Sometimes I disembark in Nashville, Tennessee, where I stretch out on a Victorian patio with four pets and an old oak tree. Other times the train lets me off in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I curl up in a New Town flat with a cup of tea.

What’s the big idea?

World domination, obviously. Or worlds, plural, if my newest book, A Darker Shade of Magic, is an indicator, since it’s set across multiple versions of London (it also has magicians and pirates and sadistic kings, so something for everyone)!

What is your problem, man?

Not enough tea. Not enough sleep.

Haven’t you done enough?

I really hope so, because between this loaf of bread I’m eating and the blankets that are beginning to follow me around like a cape, my body seems to think it’s time to hibernate.



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