Book Trailer Thursday: Nightmares!

Is Charlie Laird’s new stepmom a kooky herbalist or something much more sinister, as the gloopy purple potion she gleefully pulls from the refrigerator would lead one to suspect? Jason Segel might occasionally co-star with Kermit, but with Kirsten Miller he wrote Nightmares! (Delacorte), a spooky middle-grade novel centered around Charlie, his newly-horrible home life, and his discovery of the creepy Netherworld. (You can catch the book’s [first] [three] [trailers], too!)

Another question, while I have your ear: are you tuning in tomorrow to hear about a mysterious, fun, prize-filled and potentially VERY SPOOKY surprise? YES. Find out about it here, @ALA_Booklist and the Booklist Facebook page…or WE’LL. FIND. YOU!



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