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Book Trailer Thursday: Horrorstör

Many of us are familiar with a certain Scandinavian superstore whose name rhymes with “I’ll see ya!” Some of us might even love spending a whole day there, blissed-out on minimalist design, open-faced sandwiches and how good our Swedish is starting to sound! For some, though, a trip to I’ll-see-ya! is below a trip to the dentist on the fun-o-meter. Those people will need to check out this trailer for Horrorstör (Quirk) and find out how good they’ve had it up until now, just driving you there and helping you pick out throw pillows… Maybe helping put together a Hemnes or Fjell afterward, too. But just a couple hours, tops.  And another 15 minutes to eight hours for construction perhaps, but overall, just a fun time! (Not naming any names.)

Horrorstör—the cover and layout of which resemble an I’ll-see-ya! catalog— takes place in a big-box home-furnishings retailer called Orsk, where a few unlucky employees get trapped overnight. Reviewer David Pitt warns that the entertaining ghost story “isn’t quite a comedy—in fact, it gets pretty dark in a few places.” Watch, and see that the trailer is one of those places.

(Lest things get too dark, though, because this is BTT and we’re friendly here, I offer you IKEA CATS.)




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