Dusty Book: Writ of Execution by Perri O’Shaughnessy

(OK, so it takes place in Lake Tahoe rather than Las Vegas . . .  but this Dusty was inspired by the upcoming ALA conference in Vegas.)

In Writ of Execution, Jessie wins a mega-jackpot on a slot machine. When she goes to collect her winnings, however, she is too frightened to reveal her identity to the authorities, as she is on the run from a stalker.  As it turns out, poor Jessie’s got more troubles ahead. Attorney Nina Reilly assists the young woman and finds out the slot machine was rigged, and the crooks who rigged it want their money. Now. 

From the Booklist review:  “The big question is, Who will get the money? Jessie, who pulled the lever? The man who got up from the machine? Jessie’s former father-in-law, who seeks revenge on the young woman? The father-in-law’s lawyer, who is Nina’s nemesis? Or maybe a corrupt casino employee trying to rig the system?  The sister duo behind the O’Shaughnessy pseudonym know how to tell an engaging story, and this one doesn’t disappoint.


Many thanks to librarian Magan Szwarek and to the Stop You’re Killing Me database for helping me find this book based on a very thin thread!






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