Dusty Book: The Storyteller by Arthur Reid

storyIn The Storyteller by Arthur Reid, aspiring author Steve King (oh, to be saddled with that name . . .) discovers a trunk of fantastic novels left behind by a talented dead friend.  He decides to pass them off as his own—and quickly becomes a mega-bestselling author.  Trouble is, there may be a few people who know that the stories aren’t his . . .

The Booklist review said, “Reid likens the premise to a Faustian bargain, but present-day readers may find The Storyteller more interesting and engaging than its predecessors in that genre. In addition to the novel’s more complicated plot, King is much more likable than his analogues, perhaps because of the lack of overly dramatic self-pity. Readers will feel his dilemma and be quickly drawn in. ”

Darkly comic, this book has a great double twist at the end. Looks like it’s Reid’s only novel (what a shame!), so it may be destined for discard at your library—give it a chance.



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