Wondering what to wear to the next book discussion? How about what you’re reading?

The creative minds at Litographs have designed posters, t-shirts, and totes with the text from your favorite classics and a few contemporary titles. ALL of the text.

This poster of Pride and Prejudice?pplito The entire book fits within the frame and is part of the artwork. Check it out as a t-shirt.plitotee

Litographs, founded by brothers Danny and Corey Fein, isn’t just committed to the printed word as fashion statement. The company is committed to literacy on a global scale. Every sale results in a donation of a book to a community in need.

These unique wares were on display at Book Expo America last week and I was utterly  charmed by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz design.

Imagine wearing your next book club selection. Think of it. You don’t have to carry anything, it doesn’t matter how many page it is, you don’t need to charge the battery, and who cares if it doesn’t fit in your purse? Heck, let it BE your purse. gatsbylit

For the librarian/reader/booklover on your gift list, too.




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Kaite Mediatore Stover refuses to give up her day job as director of readers' services for The Kansas City Public Library to read tarot cards professionally or be the merch girl/roadie for her husband's numerous bands. Follow her on Twitter at @MarianLiberryan.

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