Dusty Book: Lonely Places by J. M. Morris

mystery-month-2014I love books where you aren’t quite sure what the truth is. . .

In the 2002 novel The Lonely Places by J. M. Morris, Ruth has just escaped from her psycho abusive boyfriend.  Her beloved brother has moved to a small English town, so she decides to visit him for some tea and sympathy. However, he seems to have gone missing—and no one cares.  Is everything really as it seems?

Here’s what the Booklist review said of this interesting, twisty suspense novel: “Morris is a first novelist, but she writes like an old pro, building suspense slowly, almost imperceptibly. The story’s resolution is exciting (if just a bit predictable) and emotionally satisfying. Fans of character-driven psychological thrillers by such British authors as Mo Hayter, Minette Walters, or Frances Fyfield will be very pleased with this first effort.” lonely

Interestingly enough, it turns out this was not only not a debut novel, but Morris is a man—J.M. Morris is the psuedonym for horror author Mark Morris. (See!  NOTHING is as it seems!) There weren’t any more J. M. Morris novels published,  so pick this one out of your mystery shelves and save it from extinction!




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