Dusty Book: Watch By Moonlight by Kate Hawks

moonlightI’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a big romance reader. Sure, I enjoy them when I come across them, but they aren’t the first thing I pick to read, and I tend towards contemporary romance if at all. So if I was weepy over Kate Hawks’ Watch By Moonlight, I think just about anyone interested in romance would enjoy it.

It’s a very well-written take on Alfred Noyes’ narrative poem “The Highwayman”. A short little love story with a lot of drama and adventure thrown in the mix. The Booklist review stated, “this tragic tale of love and sacrifice will cast a mesmerizing spell over fans of passionate romances. Darkly compelling historical fiction.”

Honestly, I didn’t want it to come to the heartbreaking end. Kate Hawks hasn’t written anything since, so I fear this one is lost on your shelves and may be in danger of being weeded. Grab it and send it off with someone (box of Kleenex is optional)!




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Rebecca Vnuk is the editor for Collection Management and Library Outreach at Booklist. She is also the author of 3 reader’s-advisory nonfiction books: Read On…Women’s Fiction (2009), Women’s Fiction: A Guide to Popular Reading Interests (2014), and Women’s Fiction Authors: A Research Guide (2009). Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_RVnuk.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of Watch by Moonlight; I remember enjoying it as well! I don’t recall if the book jacket said this, but “Kate Hawks” was a pseudonym used by Parke Godwin, a writer of historical, fantasy, and science fiction. He died a year ago, and Watch… was his last novel.

  2. Rebecca Vnuk says:

    No, you don’t say?!? That’s very interesting. A male sf/fantasy writer writes a near-perfect weepy romance. Wouldn’t have guessed it! How cool.

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